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I live in Toronto and write about music, pop culture and communities.

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What I Learned From My Mother's Education

What I Learned From My Mother's Education

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Dance Like Everyone's Watching: The Strange, Exalted World Of FKA Twigs

Have you seen Pina? It's a dazzling 2011 documentary—a dancer's tribute, really—to the pioneering contemporary German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died unexpectedly during the film's production. Other than Mia Michaels, who choreographed and judged the first five seasons of So You Think You Can Dance, it was the first time...

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The Maya Rudolph Show Is Half-Man, Half-Muppet, And All Woman

"Men invented nepotism and practically live by it. It's okay for women to do it, too." All week long, I've been thinking about that quote from Roxane Gay's forthcoming essay collection, Bad Feminist—a prayer-hands-emoji-inducing aphorism that echoed again during last night's premiere of The Maya Rudolph Show, a campy, one-hour...

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Girlhood: Finally, a Film About Black Girls Strengthening Each Other

I met my two teenage best friends at the start of high school, but our affections didn't crystallize and become epochal until two years later, on the very first day of eleventh grade. All three of us had grown up in an ethnically diverse Toronto suburb and chosen to attend...

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An Interview with Ava DuVernay, Groundbreaking Director of Selma

The morning the Golden Globe nominations were announced, Ava DuVernay was in Toronto, having just premiered her latest film, Selma, and braving a heinous snowstorm. As the accolades for Selma came rolling in—four, including Best Director and Best Drama Motion Picture—DuVernay was stuck in the airport for three hours with...